Our story

In 2018, a wild, rambunctious little boy was born to us and we call him Oaklin. He keeps us on our toes and has us all wrapped around his little finger. We gave him his name after my husband met a man named Oaklin at the bow hunting shop. We both agreed on his name because we thought it sounded strong and of course different.

Nearing 2020, I made the decision I wanted to work from home. The business entrepreneur in me runs deep and starting a business of my own has always been a dream to pursue. Crafting was a hobby of mines that I really enjoyed, as I've done embroidery and vinyl for many years. My time spent being creative puts me at ease and makes me happy! When I was introduced to the process of sublimation I fell in love with the variety of items I could create and design.  I spent much of my time, learning the process and building my little business as it is today. The only thing I was missing was a name. The one thing I knew was that I wanted to reference my son in my business name. So I thought long and hard and it finally came to me Wild Oak Boutique.